Unit Statement and Policy

Working policy:


  • New users must download and fill-in the registration form, and co-sign their lab supervisor before being permitted to work in the Unit
  • The equipment in the Unit is available for all researchers from the Technion as well as external users.
  • Researchers who wish to work in the Unit must register through this site and wait for approval of their registration.
  • First time users must be trained by the Unit staff prior to being allowed to work on their own. Final approval is subjected to the Head of the Unit decision
  • After hours access to the Unit is available only to trained users. 
  • Users must login through their own account details: user-name and password
  • All users will be charged for working on instruments at the Unit according to published Fees. Billing will be according to the reservation time at the Internet Site.
  • Users are requested not to install software on the Unit computers.
  • THE LS&E unit is not responsible for the user DATA data (images), the data will be deleted from all computers every three months. 
  • The user is the only responsible for its data. 
  • Beware that any use of electronic device such as USB, Disk on key, cellular phone, DVD media is prohibited in the microscope computers.
  • Data transfer is only available through the maincomp1 system.
  • We do not allow any insertion of USD devices from any kind to the microscope computers.
  • User must Login and logout at the KIOSK system, at the beginning and the end of each microscope session, correspondingly.
  • Failure to do so will result a charging of the full time reservation plus a fine of 2 hours.
  • Eaah user is responsible to check if there is another users coming after his session. If no, the user is responsible to close the whole system as written in the system sheet.
  • If there is another users coming, only "log out" from your user account.
  • Only valid budget number (Mosad budget only) will enable to use the kiosk system

Working with Biohazard materials:


  • Users must notify the staff about viable pathogens or biohazards before they are brought into the Unit.
  • Glass items should be placed in biohazard boxes for glass; tissues should be placed in bins.
  • Biohazards and other toxic waste must be properly disposed.


Acknowledgment and archiving:


  • Acknowledgment of the use of the LS&E Infrastructure Unit in publications is appreciated.
  • Users are responsible for archiving their data. The Unit does not make backups of image or other data. Archived data is periodically deleted.  Be sure to backup your data.

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